jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

La Vinotinto contra La Furia

El día 29 de Febrero de 2012, se escribía otro capitulo en la reciente historia del fútbol venezolano, La Vinotinto, se enfrentaba por segunda vez en menos de 8 meses a la selección de España, vigentes campeones mundiales y europeos.
Una  muestra del gran trabajo y esfuerzo que están haciendo los miembros de la FVF (Federación venezolana de Fútbol) tanto como los organizadores, dirigentes y cuerpo técnico en la lucha por el sueño de llegar por vez primera a un mundial de fútbol.

El partido Finalizo con un 5-0 a favor de España, donde la "Furia Roja" desplegó un exquisito juego técnico donde domino la posesión de balón, Venezuela, en una de sus peores actuaciones en colectivo desde la era Farías no fue capaz de contener el potencial de los Híbericos, salvo en los primero 15 minutos de juego, facilitándoles las cosas al Campeón Mundial

La escandalosa derrota que nos dolió a todos los venezolanos, pero mas a nuestros jugadores de La Vinotinto, dejó una sensación de atraso en nuestro fútbol, pero, ¿Que es lo que pasa?
Que cuando se juega contra este tipo de rivales este es el riesgo que debemos afrontar, o perdemos estrepitosamente, u ofrecemos un espectáculo bueno y aprendemos mucho mas del fútbol.
Pero no todo es fracaso porque para eso son este tipo de encuentros, para conocer mejor cuales son nuestras debilidades, y así el cuerpo técnico saber que es lo que debe hacer para mejorarlas, como por ejemplo que nuestra Vinotinto debe aprender a jugar con un marcador en contra y que si nuestro fuerte son las pelotas paradas, contra un rival ordenado que no te da oportunidad de alguna hay que buscar el gol por otro lado, explotar la delantera.

Debemos recordar que este juego no es vinculante a la realidad de nuestra Vinotinto, fuimos 4° lugar en la pasada Copa América de Argentina y estamos en el primer puesto de las eliminatorias suramericanas, empatados con Uruguay y Argentina. Así que no perdamos la fe en nuestros jugadores y sigamos apoyandolos.
Estos fue solo un "tropiezo", el camino es largo y pronto lo retomaremos.


jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Lenguaje chang

Hi there.! I'm back.
well every one I will like to make you know that from now my lenguaje's blog will change.
now will not be just english but also Spanish. 

 Castellano for be more specific.
ahh almost forgot my future publications will be about sports, national policy and more.

miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011


My favorite Cartoon or rather my favorite anime is Goku of Dragon Ball Z because although he's a man never ceases to be a child.

Goku really likes eat and fight especially in the "martial arts tournament".
when there is an evil man who wants to destroy the earth Goku gets excited because there is someone to fight and he doesn't care who wants to destroy the earth.

Goku always gives us a subliminal message in all Anime because he always protects his friends, fight for to save to the earth and always is pacific, docile and friendly.
Never forget the child who is inside us.

Russian-Venezuelan Project

My project partner is Alisa Sokolenko she is a pretty girl she's eighteen (18). She lives in omsk, Russia with her mother and she's an only child.

she told me  that in russia it´s winter all year and for this season of the year the weather it's in -28°c, really cold.

A tipical day for her it's as follows: She wake up at 09:00 Am o'clock goes to the university that is near her house to 20 minutes approximately. She returns to home at 3:00 PM o'clock. she spends time on the computer talks with friends and she go to the bed at 11:00 PM o'clock but sometimes later.

Now she listen English lessons and very soon she will listen Spanish lessons.

martes, 22 de marzo de 2011



Movie: a place where we go with friend, familiy and something else to spend a diferent time...

Movie: An art where many people make real their Dreams....

My favorite movie is IRONMAN: it's about an eccentric but really smart and rich man who was a weapons manufacturer without to know that his weapons was buyed it by rebels for kill people and to govern in Middle East until who was kidnapped by themselves (rebels) and he realized that what he was doing affected many innocent.

so when he scaped of his kidnappers he decided don´t to make weapons anymore and make and make an incredible iron suit for to fight versus rebels.

These are some of the most award-winning films and blockbuster

martes, 15 de marzo de 2011


Today the world is going through a technological and mechanical series of changes and adjustments in the lifestyle of each person
These technomechanical changes and adaptations are producing a dependency to the objects from the hand of man which were created with the aim of improving in quality and time our daily work
with these advances in technology the world is witnessing a disease that also affect humans is affecting the planet
this disease is the PHYSICAL SEDENTARY is the lack of strong physical activity like sports, that puts the human body vulnerable to diseases
and we are so accustomed to an object to do everything for us that we are forgetting and not doing such simple tasks that we offer great benefits.

We no longer walk almost because we spend all day in a car thanks to the driving industry growth and industrialization of cities
each car that mostly run on gasoline and produces carbon dioxide that harms our atmosphere
and how every time people buy more cars to use produce more carbon dioxide

we are eating badly because with our hectic lifestyle we have no time to prepare healthy food and we are eating junk food
this type of food is produced in large quantities and requires much energy and resources
more animals are killed. manipulated crops to be ready so soon with fertilizers, pesticides and the hand of man that results in premature wear of the crops and pollution of rivers without taking into account the electricity required to keep those food.

We are spending much time in front of the tv unconsciously and strategically tells us that all we have is not working is obsolete and we must change this causes us to fall into extreme consumerism and increases the demand for a particular product
for to fill this demand industries increase their production so quickly
consuming the resources faster and affecting the balance of the planet in the ability to produce and regenerate with these phenomena do not give it time to regenerate.
industries shed more waste into the seas

the rampant felling of trees and there is no time accelerated the planet to recover of the carbon dioxide produced by the excessive use of cars, refineries and industries because there are not enough trees to offset the effect of CO2
All these developments are altering the planet's natural balance are forcing their production capacity and if we do nothing now a matter of time for total collapse.


A possible short-term solution would promote the conservation and care of resources
global campaigning in partnership with other countries
to give greater publicity to the people and warnings about this disease that affects not only humans but the planet and create awareness among people to change their lifestyle in which exercise, sports and the preservation and care of resources is the priority